THE 2023-2024 PROGRAM

GPMLS offers keynote lecture events where speakers are invited to Iceland or through an online event to present their work to GPMLS members. Students and other GPMLS members get the chance to meet the speaker over lunch and dinner to interact and strengthen the network between universities or institutes.

Date Lecturer Title Contact
6 Jun Carl-Henrik Heldin

Targeting the protumorigenic effects of TGFβ in tumor treatment

Guðrún Valdimarsdóttir
30 May Sarah Shammas & Sebastian Deindl


Pétur Orri Heiðarsson
5 feb Elisa Galiano

Neuronal heterogeneity and plasticity in the olfactory bulb

Pétur Henry Petersen
18 jan Katrín Möller

Green actions in the lab: there really is no time to waste!

23 nov GPMLS Retreat Félagsheimili Miðgarður GPMLS
17 nov Vignir Helgason

Target Mitochondrial Metabolism in Leukaemic Stem Cells

Margrét Helga Ögmundsdóttir
19 oct Snævar Sigurðsson

Workshop in bioinformatics – Nanopore sequencing and the opportunities it provides for scientists

12-14 oct IceBio & GPMLS speakers IceBio Conference Dr. Kalina Hristova Kapralova
27 sept Dr. Vojo Deretic

Atg8ylation in canonical autophagy and other processes

Dr. Sigurður Rúnar Guðmundsson
26 sept Dr. Bernd Pulverer

Navigate the Publishing Process to Benefit your Research

Dr. Eiríkur Steingrímsson
22 sept Dr. Ken Zaret

Overcoming Chromatin Barriers to Change Cell Fate

Dr. Pétur Orri Heiðarsson
14-15 sept Dr. Fredrik Lanner

Mini symposium on the moral status of stem cell derived embryo models

Dr. Guðrún Valdimarsdóttir
14-15 sept Dr. Jacob Hanna

Mini symposium on the moral status of stem cell derived embryo models

Dr. Guðrún Valdimarsdóttir
11 sept University of Iceland

Workshop in bioinformatics

5 sept Dr. Dimitra Dafou

RNA editing in neurodegenerative disorders

Dr. George Kararigas
30 aug Dr. Marion Silies

The cellular and circuit basis of visual processing strategies

Dr. Sigríður Rut Franzdóttir
Rescheduled Dr. Carl Henrik Hendin tba Dr. Guðrún Valdimarsdóttir

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